Passion for clothing and a deep concern for the environment are behind the creation of DressUpp mobile application. We want to educate children and encourage parents to make conscious fashion choices, support sustainable and ethical brands.

We don’t forget the bigger picture and making a difference in someone’s life, sharing and paying it forward is pivotal in everything we do! That is why 5% of the proceeds will be donated to African Lion and Environmental Research Trust and their project of providing education to 300 Zimbabwean children. We want the money to go to school uniforms, supplies, premisses maintenance.

As seriously as we take all the the issues of climate change and consumerism, giving to the ones in need, we always want to be positive, share our hopes for a better future, and, of course, have fun!

Thank you for choosing DressUpp!

Olya Tsikhanchuk, Olya Polyakova, Igor Polyakov